Did you know that a 5% increase in client retention can increase company revenue by 25-95%? Every client wants to feel special, especially your loyal clients. With that said, client appreciation may be the most important pillar for client retention.

This webinar breaks down the granular process of ensuring that your strategy is most effective. There will be different methods for a new client, existing clients, or groups. Each will have it's own nurture sequence and methodology. It’s so important to have a system that makes your clients feel seen, acknowledged, and appreciated. 

The Impact of Client Appreciation on Community & Retention

Appreciation is all of the methods we use to show our clients that they are the best. Think emails on their birthday, $5 off their next purchase for a referral, milestone shoutouts, a free t-shirt on their one year anniversary - you get the idea.

Showing our clients how much we see them and value their loyalty then leads to client retention. Retention is the way we make reoccurring revenue, scale our business, and grow, grow, grow!

Appreciation and recognition is so important when it comes to building a strong community. This course gives you the ideas, strategy, AND methods for systemizing this process so that every client is accounted for.

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